Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk Review And Swatches

Hi Beauties,

I apologize that it’s been almost a week since my last post but I couldn’t get my lazy butt to blog as I feel like I am still recovering from the daylight savings time switch >.<. Lame excuse I know, but I am a gal that loves her sleep! Anyway, lets get into my review and swatches for the Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk lipsticks(that’s a mouthful) or rather, lip jellies.

jellylipstalkall1 jellylipstalkall2

From top to bottom left to right we have JOR201, JOR202, JOR203, JBE101, JPK001, JPK002, JPK003, JPK004. As you can see the packaging is pink, adorned with jellybeans and is made of cardboard. Unfortunately I do not read korean and have not found actual names for each color just these numbers. If anyone knows the proper names for these colors please let me know : ) Today I will be swatching for you colors JPK001 through JPK004.

jellylipstalkbottom jellylipstalkpretty

The other unfortunate thing aside from me not knowing the actual names of each color, is the fact that even the numbers don’t appear on the bottoms of the tubes. The only tell-tale sign of what color is in the tube is the “jelly” ring around the base. It shows the equivalent color in bead form. Aside from that, once you throw out the outside packaging you won’t know exactly what the color is called. The tubes have a pearlescent finish that I find quite pretty, and I don’t know how else they could have made these fit more to their sweet recipe line outside from the jelly ring. The texture of each lippie is very silky, and I find that if you’re not careful you can get little blips in the application which can be annoying to try and blend out. Each of the bullets are imprinted with what looks like an intricate heart carriage with a little crown over it which you will see in the following pictures. To be honest, I was completely put off by the smell when I first sniffed it out of the tube. When I smelled it straight from the tube I found it smelled a little spicy. I don’t know if that makes any sense but it stung a little. However, when I applied it the smell wasn’t as strong at all and smelled more like a pleasant cherry smell. Please note that all the lipsticks smell the same (although it would have been super awesome if they all smelled differently depending on the color).


This is JPK001 it is a light pink color which stays very close to the natural color of your lips. I found that when I first applied this lipstick it went on clear but quickly darkened into a light pink which is a little more pigmented than my natural lip color. The color does stain and the lasting power of the actual lipstick isn’t very long if you’re the snack-and-drink-throughout-the-day type. Lucky for you, since the lipstick does stain it leaves a nice my-lips-but-better color that will last you quite some time. However, if you’re one that doesn’t like a lipstick that stains this lipstick might not be for you.


I apologize for the blurriness of the photo. This was taken indoors, and from left to right we have 1 swipe, 2 swipes, and then 3 swipes. This is after I let it sit on my skin for a couple of seconds. As you can see it is actually pretty pigmented than what you would expect from just looking at the bullet. It’s got a little bit of a shimmer to the color but once you put it on your lips you don’t notice the glitter at all it just leaves a nice glossy finish.


This is JPK002 – you can see the imprint on the bullet a lot better on this color. This is a nice cherry pink color that can be kind of intimidating if you’re going off the color in the tube. It looks very vibrant and colorful – perfect for spring!


Again, left to right you have 1 swipe, 2 swipes, and 3 swipes. As you can see from the swatches the color isn’t all that bad once you apply it. It goes on quite sheer so if you want a more vibrant effect you can keep applying till you get the desired color or you can just swipe it once for a more natural finish. From the picture above you can see one of those blips I was talking about earlier. These little clumps can be annoying with a lipstick this smooth to blend out and if you use your finger you can end up with a stained finger since this mixture stains quite a bit.


This is JPK003 – this is a soft pink color that I find is very flattering on paler skin tones. The box makes the color look super vibrant and saturated which I find can be very misleading. The bullet makes the color look a little more lavender than it actually is.


As you can see from my swipes, the color actually appears more like a milky/creamy pink color. I can see if you layer it on it can be very vibrant but from the first couple of swipes it still looks more on the softer side. I think this is my favorite of the bunch.


This is JPK004 – out of all the colors in this collection I found this to be the most nude. Its a light tangerine-peachy color. I think this color pretty much speaks for itself, if you’re a nude-lippie type of person this is the tube for you. Otherwise, there isn’t anything worth noting as the texture and longevity are fairly close to the other colors.


I find that if you’re wanting a color closer to the ones swatched above, you should use a foundation or concealer on your lips to create a neutral base and the color from the lipsticks will stand out more. Otherwise, this color doesn’t do much for my lips since they’re somewhat pigmented already.

Since the colors go on so sheer they can be layered with other colors to get a unique color more suited to your tastes if they don’t particularly strike your fancy. Overall, I would give these lipsticks a 3/5. I find that the colors are really pretty when swatched, but if you don’t have a good base the color goes fairly unnoticed on most lips. The other downside is that longevity isn’t very good. They will last you about 3-4 hours if you aren’t snacking or drinking otherwise you will notice that they have virtually disappeared off your lips. They do leave a nice tint or stain if you like that afterwards though (pictured below). Aside from that since I don’t have an outlet locally that sells this brand I do have to order online (I ordered mine from which means that I had to pay for shipping which ended up being a lot since I also had to pay customs too >.<. What I did like from these were the scent, only after applied since I found the scent straight from the tube obnoxious. I also liked the range of colors and the fact that it did stain my lips just enough that it looked more pigmented than usual. I would probably purchase again if I was buying some other products online, but like the nail polishes from this collection I don’t think I would go out of my way to purchase these. Maybe more use will change my mind?


Before I see you all off I wanted to show you what kind of a stain it left on my arm after cleaning it off. It doesn’t look like a whole lot but gets worse depending on how many swipes you apply and how long you left it on for. The stain was actually the worst with JPK001 funnily enough. If any of you are wondering, I didn’t give swatches of the color on my lips because I find that it may look completely different depending on your skin tone, and it’s also why I chose the most neutral looking part on my body. Also, at times when I look at other blogs I get distracted by the lips of other people rather than the color because sometimes it looks very weird (is that just me?).

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Take care,



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