Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails Part 2

Hi Beauties,

This will be a review/swatch for the new collection from Etude houses Sweet Recipe line. I had done a review/swatches on the first two nail polishes from this collection about four days ago, and as promised have come back to do the other two.

If you hadn’t seen my other post about the first two, all four nail polishes look like this;


From left to right we have Lemon Sherbet, Strawberry Stars Candy, Apricot Candy, and Mint Choco Chip. I was so excited when I got these polishes because of their cute packaging. But since I am biased, I already had picked out my favorites from just seeing the colors. I am of asian descent, have an olive undertone, and have never been able to pull off yellows/oranges because I felt they made my skin look too yellow.


Between the two I was definitely more of a fan of the Lemon Sherbet. I felt that the Apricot Candy polish had little to be desired. It wasn’t anything special and it was extremely sheer. The problem with it’s sheerness is that it is so sheer that it still shows parts of your nail you might want concealed, but not sheer enough that you can use it as a glitter unless on top of another orange color. Like I had done with my previous post about these polishes I had painted four coats of each polish to get tone you see on my nails now with a topcoat on top. These two polishes also had that strange matte consistency that looks a little dull once they dry, and since they have glitter chunks in them I do recommend a top coat. One thing I did like about the Apricot Candy polish is that it was really easy to apply, I didn’t feel like it was uneven, or gave me major clumps when I accidentally left too much on the wand.


I found that I was pleasantly surprised with the Lemon Sherbet polish. It actually was a very nice color and I found it complimented my skin tone well. It’s definitely a color that I don’t normally keep in my collection so I do feel that it’s a keeper. Now for the annoyances, I was super frustrated when applying this polish. I don’t know if it’s the way I was applying it, but I felt like it was going on really uneven. The other part that annoyed me was despite the bar glitters being really cute, depending on the lighting, I kept thinking it was a stray eyelash that got into my polish only to realize that it was just glitter. The other thing about the bar glitters is that if a little bit of it sticks out after your nails dry, its best to trim it off with clippers because if you don’t, it will take your nail polish with it when it peels off.

I have had these polishes on for about three days now, and the Lemon Sherbet is already starting to chip away because of the type of glitters in it, whereas the Apricot Candy polish is still in tiptop condition. These polishes are quick drying which is nice, and I purchased both of these along with Strawberry Stars Candy and  Mint Choco Chip from at $3.18 CDN each.


After I was finished with my previous post I realized that I hadn’t put up a comparison picture despite mentioning that it was a little less than a standard Essie polish. The Essie polish is noticeably taller but the Etude house polish is wider. Like I had mentioned in my other post about these polishes, considering the Etude house polishes retail for about half the cost of what I can get locally for an Essie polish, it was worth it for me.

Overall, I would have to give these two polishes a 2/5. I liked the Lemon Sherbet polish in terms of color, but the problems I had while applying the polish and dealing with it afterwards was a major minus for me. I found the Apricot Candy polish to be extremely sheer and I didn’t think that it was anything particularly special. Yes, these polishes were only approx $3 each but I had to go through the trouble of ordering them online and paying for shipping. I’m not sure if it was a mind over matter type thing and if I absolutely loved orange and yellow I would like these polishes more than the other two, but I did feel that these polishes gave me more trouble than the other two did and will probably be just as painful to remove (*sigh* glitter polish!). I’m definitely not a touch up kind of girl, so it really deducted points in my book, and unfortunately I don’t think I would repurchase these colors.

I hope this review helped,

Thanks, and take care,



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