Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish Review And Swatches

Hi Pretties,

Today, I am going to review and swatch two of four colors from the Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails Collection. I will be going over Mint Choco Chip and Strawberry Stars Candy. Please note, the pictures I have in this blog post were taken after a week of wear and tear. The other thing to note is that at my full time job I am on the computer 95% of the time. 


I purchased my polishes from a website that is mostly catered towards asian media (cd’s and the like). But also carries cosmetics from a few companies, their largest collection being Etude House. I purchased each at $3.18 cdn which I found to be quite cheap compared to the polishes in my current collection, especially since the packaging is to die for. I do recommend them if you are planning on purchasing items from this collection since I have found them to be quite reliable and their customer service staff to be extremely friendly. They offer tracking on all their packaging although I find shipping to be expensive. In the picture left to right we have Lemon Sherbet, Strawberry Stars Candy, Apricot Candy, and Mint Choco Chip. The package they came in was very carefully taken care of, each bundle wrapped multiple times in bubble wrap and even came with multiple samples. As a side note, I am not affiliated with this site at all, just had a great experience with them.

parchment1 parchment2

The polishes themselves aren’t very big but seemingly holds a little less than a regular Essie polish would. But seeing as I purchase my Essie polishes at around $6 a piece, the $3 price tag is worth it for me. From swatches of other bloggers/beauty gurus I thought the polished would remind me more of ice cream or something of the sort but now that I’ve actually seen it with my own eyes, they remind me a lot more of the Cadbury mini eggs. Of the set of four I was excited most about these two colors. As soon as I saw them I thought they were absolutely adorable and I love the pastel tone compared to the more sheer tone of the Apricot Candy and Lemon Sherbet.

parchment3 parchment4

Wearing these polishes I have gotten a lot of compliments. I found that the mixture is quite light so I  had to coat my nails about four times before I could get a full even color. I definitely needed a top coat, without it the polish had a strange matte texture and some of the glitters were sticking out. Of all the layers I put on my nails, I only got one of the stars from the polish which ended up going on my thumb nail pictured in the second photo. I find that you may have to be quite careful since, if you put too much of the polish it gets very lumpy and if you don’t put enough it ends up being uneven. One thing I really enjoyed about the polish is that I found it to be very quick drying. It was so quick drying in fact that my lovable albeit impatient four year old daughter (who loves it when I paint her nails) had no smudges on them (although I only coated her nails twice).

Overall I would give these polishes a 3/5. I like that it’s quick drying, I don’t like that the mixture is so light that I have to coat them four times to get a full tone. I love the packaging and the fact that they were about $3 each, but I didn’t like that they aren’t available locally so I have to purchase them online and pay for shipping which can cost a lot, and if you don’t know anyone that ships them reliably it can be very nerve wracking. I do love the colors though, and even though they aren’t what I expected I do think the green one does look a little like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Paired together though, they remind me moreso of mini eggs. Would I repurchase this? I don’t think I would go out of my way just to purchase these, but considering they are LE and have such a low price tag, if I was already making a purchase and they were available, I would add them to my cart.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review,

Take care,



2 thoughts on “Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish Review And Swatches

  1. I love that they look ice cream cones! Ugh. I hate doing multiple coats of nail polish. It drives me crazy to wait around for two coats to dry, let alone three or four. 🙂 Thanks for the review. I think this shade would be pretty good for the spring season (especially for Easter with the pastels).

    • thanks for reading it : ) I found that the best thing to do is to take your time with the coats because by the time I was finished each coat on all the nails it was dry enough that I could go over it once more. it really does look spring appropriate : )

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