Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk Review And Swatches

Hi Beauties,

I apologize that it’s been almost a week since my last post but I couldn’t get my lazy butt to blog as I feel like I am still recovering from the daylight savings time switch >.<. Lame excuse I know, but I am a gal that loves her sleep! Anyway, lets get into my review and swatches for the Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk lipsticks(that’s a mouthful) or rather, lip jellies.

jellylipstalkall1 jellylipstalkall2

From top to bottom left to right we have JOR201, JOR202, JOR203, JBE101, JPK001, JPK002, JPK003, JPK004. As you can see the packaging is pink, adorned with jellybeans and is made of cardboard. Unfortunately I do not read korean and have not found actual names for each color just these numbers. If anyone knows the proper names for these colors please let me know : ) Today I will be swatching for you colors JPK001 through JPK004.

jellylipstalkbottom jellylipstalkpretty

The other unfortunate thing aside from me not knowing the actual names of each color, is the fact that even the numbers don’t appear on the bottoms of the tubes. The only tell-tale sign of what color is in the tube is the “jelly” ring around the base. It shows the equivalent color in bead form. Aside from that, once you throw out the outside packaging you won’t know exactly what the color is called. The tubes have a pearlescent finish that I find quite pretty, and I don’t know how else they could have made these fit more to their sweet recipe line outside from the jelly ring. The texture of each lippie is very silky, and I find that if you’re not careful you can get little blips in the application which can be annoying to try and blend out. Each of the bullets are imprinted with what looks like an intricate heart carriage with a little crown over it which you will see in the following pictures. To be honest, I was completely put off by the smell when I first sniffed it out of the tube. When I smelled it straight from the tube I found it smelled a little spicy. I don’t know if that makes any sense but it stung a little. However, when I applied it the smell wasn’t as strong at all and smelled more like a pleasant cherry smell. Please note that all the lipsticks smell the same (although it would have been super awesome if they all smelled differently depending on the color).


This is JPK001 it is a light pink color which stays very close to the natural color of your lips. I found that when I first applied this lipstick it went on clear but quickly darkened into a light pink which is a little more pigmented than my natural lip color. The color does stain and the lasting power of the actual lipstick isn’t very long if you’re the snack-and-drink-throughout-the-day type. Lucky for you, since the lipstick does stain it leaves a nice my-lips-but-better color that will last you quite some time. However, if you’re one that doesn’t like a lipstick that stains this lipstick might not be for you.


I apologize for the blurriness of the photo. This was taken indoors, and from left to right we have 1 swipe, 2 swipes, and then 3 swipes. This is after I let it sit on my skin for a couple of seconds. As you can see it is actually pretty pigmented than what you would expect from just looking at the bullet. It’s got a little bit of a shimmer to the color but once you put it on your lips you don’t notice the glitter at all it just leaves a nice glossy finish.


This is JPK002 – you can see the imprint on the bullet a lot better on this color. This is a nice cherry pink color that can be kind of intimidating if you’re going off the color in the tube. It looks very vibrant and colorful – perfect for spring!


Again, left to right you have 1 swipe, 2 swipes, and 3 swipes. As you can see from the swatches the color isn’t all that bad once you apply it. It goes on quite sheer so if you want a more vibrant effect you can keep applying till you get the desired color or you can just swipe it once for a more natural finish. From the picture above you can see one of those blips I was talking about earlier. These little clumps can be annoying with a lipstick this smooth to blend out and if you use your finger you can end up with a stained finger since this mixture stains quite a bit.


This is JPK003 – this is a soft pink color that I find is very flattering on paler skin tones. The box makes the color look super vibrant and saturated which I find can be very misleading. The bullet makes the color look a little more lavender than it actually is.


As you can see from my swipes, the color actually appears more like a milky/creamy pink color. I can see if you layer it on it can be very vibrant but from the first couple of swipes it still looks more on the softer side. I think this is my favorite of the bunch.


This is JPK004 – out of all the colors in this collection I found this to be the most nude. Its a light tangerine-peachy color. I think this color pretty much speaks for itself, if you’re a nude-lippie type of person this is the tube for you. Otherwise, there isn’t anything worth noting as the texture and longevity are fairly close to the other colors.


I find that if you’re wanting a color closer to the ones swatched above, you should use a foundation or concealer on your lips to create a neutral base and the color from the lipsticks will stand out more. Otherwise, this color doesn’t do much for my lips since they’re somewhat pigmented already.

Since the colors go on so sheer they can be layered with other colors to get a unique color more suited to your tastes if they don’t particularly strike your fancy. Overall, I would give these lipsticks a 3/5. I find that the colors are really pretty when swatched, but if you don’t have a good base the color goes fairly unnoticed on most lips. The other downside is that longevity isn’t very good. They will last you about 3-4 hours if you aren’t snacking or drinking otherwise you will notice that they have virtually disappeared off your lips. They do leave a nice tint or stain if you like that afterwards though (pictured below). Aside from that since I don’t have an outlet locally that sells this brand I do have to order online (I ordered mine from which means that I had to pay for shipping which ended up being a lot since I also had to pay customs too >.<. What I did like from these were the scent, only after applied since I found the scent straight from the tube obnoxious. I also liked the range of colors and the fact that it did stain my lips just enough that it looked more pigmented than usual. I would probably purchase again if I was buying some other products online, but like the nail polishes from this collection I don’t think I would go out of my way to purchase these. Maybe more use will change my mind?


Before I see you all off I wanted to show you what kind of a stain it left on my arm after cleaning it off. It doesn’t look like a whole lot but gets worse depending on how many swipes you apply and how long you left it on for. The stain was actually the worst with JPK001 funnily enough. If any of you are wondering, I didn’t give swatches of the color on my lips because I find that it may look completely different depending on your skin tone, and it’s also why I chose the most neutral looking part on my body. Also, at times when I look at other blogs I get distracted by the lips of other people rather than the color because sometimes it looks very weird (is that just me?).

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails Part 2

Hi Beauties,

This will be a review/swatch for the new collection from Etude houses Sweet Recipe line. I had done a review/swatches on the first two nail polishes from this collection about four days ago, and as promised have come back to do the other two.

If you hadn’t seen my other post about the first two, all four nail polishes look like this;


From left to right we have Lemon Sherbet, Strawberry Stars Candy, Apricot Candy, and Mint Choco Chip. I was so excited when I got these polishes because of their cute packaging. But since I am biased, I already had picked out my favorites from just seeing the colors. I am of asian descent, have an olive undertone, and have never been able to pull off yellows/oranges because I felt they made my skin look too yellow.


Between the two I was definitely more of a fan of the Lemon Sherbet. I felt that the Apricot Candy polish had little to be desired. It wasn’t anything special and it was extremely sheer. The problem with it’s sheerness is that it is so sheer that it still shows parts of your nail you might want concealed, but not sheer enough that you can use it as a glitter unless on top of another orange color. Like I had done with my previous post about these polishes I had painted four coats of each polish to get tone you see on my nails now with a topcoat on top. These two polishes also had that strange matte consistency that looks a little dull once they dry, and since they have glitter chunks in them I do recommend a top coat. One thing I did like about the Apricot Candy polish is that it was really easy to apply, I didn’t feel like it was uneven, or gave me major clumps when I accidentally left too much on the wand.


I found that I was pleasantly surprised with the Lemon Sherbet polish. It actually was a very nice color and I found it complimented my skin tone well. It’s definitely a color that I don’t normally keep in my collection so I do feel that it’s a keeper. Now for the annoyances, I was super frustrated when applying this polish. I don’t know if it’s the way I was applying it, but I felt like it was going on really uneven. The other part that annoyed me was despite the bar glitters being really cute, depending on the lighting, I kept thinking it was a stray eyelash that got into my polish only to realize that it was just glitter. The other thing about the bar glitters is that if a little bit of it sticks out after your nails dry, its best to trim it off with clippers because if you don’t, it will take your nail polish with it when it peels off.

I have had these polishes on for about three days now, and the Lemon Sherbet is already starting to chip away because of the type of glitters in it, whereas the Apricot Candy polish is still in tiptop condition. These polishes are quick drying which is nice, and I purchased both of these along with Strawberry Stars Candy and  Mint Choco Chip from at $3.18 CDN each.


After I was finished with my previous post I realized that I hadn’t put up a comparison picture despite mentioning that it was a little less than a standard Essie polish. The Essie polish is noticeably taller but the Etude house polish is wider. Like I had mentioned in my other post about these polishes, considering the Etude house polishes retail for about half the cost of what I can get locally for an Essie polish, it was worth it for me.

Overall, I would have to give these two polishes a 2/5. I liked the Lemon Sherbet polish in terms of color, but the problems I had while applying the polish and dealing with it afterwards was a major minus for me. I found the Apricot Candy polish to be extremely sheer and I didn’t think that it was anything particularly special. Yes, these polishes were only approx $3 each but I had to go through the trouble of ordering them online and paying for shipping. I’m not sure if it was a mind over matter type thing and if I absolutely loved orange and yellow I would like these polishes more than the other two, but I did feel that these polishes gave me more trouble than the other two did and will probably be just as painful to remove (*sigh* glitter polish!). I’m definitely not a touch up kind of girl, so it really deducted points in my book, and unfortunately I don’t think I would repurchase these colors.

I hope this review helped,

Thanks, and take care,


Just a quick update…

Hi All,

Just wanted to keep you posted on what’s been going on, my second and more important package from came yesterday but it’s waiting for me at the post office T.T I will only be able to pick it up sometime next week but like I had promised before as soon as I get my hands on it I will be prompt with swatches on reviews on all the products I will be receiving. In the meantime, I will also post a review/swatches on the other two ice cream nail polishes hopefully by Friday morning! Thanks so much for your patience. Talk to you all soon!

Take care,


Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish Review And Swatches

Hi Pretties,

Today, I am going to review and swatch two of four colors from the Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails Collection. I will be going over Mint Choco Chip and Strawberry Stars Candy. Please note, the pictures I have in this blog post were taken after a week of wear and tear. The other thing to note is that at my full time job I am on the computer 95% of the time. 


I purchased my polishes from a website that is mostly catered towards asian media (cd’s and the like). But also carries cosmetics from a few companies, their largest collection being Etude House. I purchased each at $3.18 cdn which I found to be quite cheap compared to the polishes in my current collection, especially since the packaging is to die for. I do recommend them if you are planning on purchasing items from this collection since I have found them to be quite reliable and their customer service staff to be extremely friendly. They offer tracking on all their packaging although I find shipping to be expensive. In the picture left to right we have Lemon Sherbet, Strawberry Stars Candy, Apricot Candy, and Mint Choco Chip. The package they came in was very carefully taken care of, each bundle wrapped multiple times in bubble wrap and even came with multiple samples. As a side note, I am not affiliated with this site at all, just had a great experience with them.

parchment1 parchment2

The polishes themselves aren’t very big but seemingly holds a little less than a regular Essie polish would. But seeing as I purchase my Essie polishes at around $6 a piece, the $3 price tag is worth it for me. From swatches of other bloggers/beauty gurus I thought the polished would remind me more of ice cream or something of the sort but now that I’ve actually seen it with my own eyes, they remind me a lot more of the Cadbury mini eggs. Of the set of four I was excited most about these two colors. As soon as I saw them I thought they were absolutely adorable and I love the pastel tone compared to the more sheer tone of the Apricot Candy and Lemon Sherbet.

parchment3 parchment4

Wearing these polishes I have gotten a lot of compliments. I found that the mixture is quite light so I  had to coat my nails about four times before I could get a full even color. I definitely needed a top coat, without it the polish had a strange matte texture and some of the glitters were sticking out. Of all the layers I put on my nails, I only got one of the stars from the polish which ended up going on my thumb nail pictured in the second photo. I find that you may have to be quite careful since, if you put too much of the polish it gets very lumpy and if you don’t put enough it ends up being uneven. One thing I really enjoyed about the polish is that I found it to be very quick drying. It was so quick drying in fact that my lovable albeit impatient four year old daughter (who loves it when I paint her nails) had no smudges on them (although I only coated her nails twice).

Overall I would give these polishes a 3/5. I like that it’s quick drying, I don’t like that the mixture is so light that I have to coat them four times to get a full tone. I love the packaging and the fact that they were about $3 each, but I didn’t like that they aren’t available locally so I have to purchase them online and pay for shipping which can cost a lot, and if you don’t know anyone that ships them reliably it can be very nerve wracking. I do love the colors though, and even though they aren’t what I expected I do think the green one does look a little like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Paired together though, they remind me moreso of mini eggs. Would I repurchase this? I don’t think I would go out of my way just to purchase these, but considering they are LE and have such a low price tag, if I was already making a purchase and they were available, I would add them to my cart.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review,

Take care,


Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful Theodora Palette

Hi Pretties : )

I’m back, and I have swatches and a review for the Theodora palette. I have no idea who Theodora is or what part in the story she has, but I cannot wait to see the movie! I have seen trailers for it and from what I can gather she seems to be a witch that should be evil. In the movie, Theodora is played by Mila Kunis, and much like the actress herself… The first word that comes to mind when I look at the colors in this palette is “sultry”.


Just like the Glinda palette, the Theodora palette is built exactly like the build-your-own palette. This will come in handy since you can replace the colors in the palette itself if you ever run out. On the outside is a black design on the top and bottom with a rainbow cloud backdrop. It looks almost as if there is some sort of light shining in the background trying to shine through the clouds. Something I had mentioned in the Glinda palette review and will mention again is that a downside to these palettes is that the mirror doesn’t stand up on it’s own so in some cases you might have to hold it up yourself or prop it up against something.


On the inside, the palette is full of gorgeous colors that are very suited to create day-to-night looks. Top to bottom, left to right we have Broken, Jealous, Bewitch, West, Spell, and Beware. I actually changed the order of the palette from how it actually came because I’m obsessive compulsive   I thought it looked better this way. Right from the box the colors are Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West, Spell, and Jealous. They put all the colors that start with “b” on the top row light to dark. Along with the super saturated lip color, the palette also comes with a 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero which I will not be swatching or reviewing because it’s a standard color in their regular line-up, whereas the eye shadows and the lip colors are limited edition.


This is the Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Theodora. This color is absolutely gorgeous. It glides on so smoothly and is so flattering. You can use this to create a “bitten lip” effect which is essentially close to the effect of a lip tint for a day-suited look or full on color that would look absolutely stunning for night. I am glad I was able to try this product in this color since I was super disappointed with the way Glinda looked on me.


This color is Broken, it’s a light color that has peachy undertones. It’s shimmery and doesn’t have any of those famous UD glitter chunks in it. I really like this color in the inner corners of my eyes and will sometimes dab a little of this color in the middle of the lid to give my shadow a more 3 dimensional look. On the left side I have a swipe of the color without primer and on the right I have it with on top of Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.


These are the colors from Jealous which is absolutely appropriate for the colors. When I first took a look at the color I thought it would be called Envy but they might already have a color called envy. The first color is the darker green which actually looks more like a moss green in person. Closer to the bottom of the picture it makes it look like the green is more of a forest green but it’s much more light than that. It has small flecks of a white shimmer that goes almost unnoticed unless in the right light. The next picture is the lighter tone of the two, it’s more of a pastel green with the same flecks of white shimmer in it. It kind of reminds me of what green tea ice cream would look like if it was shiny.  Just like the other color the swipe on the left is without primer and the swipe on the right is with.


This color is Bewitch, it’s a smokey dark brown color with the same sheerness found in the color Jealous. I know this doesn’t sound very attractive but it reminds me of the color of dirt, and is actually very pretty in person. When you hold the actual color pan and tilt it in the light the flecks actually look multicolored but it doesn’t really transfer onto the skin if you aren’t a huge fan of that.


This color is West it’s a dark brown color and reminds me a little of UD’s dark horse when applied with a primer, which is in their regular line and can also be found in their naked palette. When applied without primer the color is sheer and the little sparkles are quite a bit more noticeable, but either way on my lids I don’t usually see the shimmers very much especially when I layer on multiple colors.


These are the colors in Spell, the first color is a standard black with multicolored glitters in it. It reminds me a lot of the color Eiffel from the Sigma Paris palette. I use this color a lot to set my black liner, the downside is that I find lots of fallout if I don’t make sure to tap off the excess. The multicolored flecks aren’t super noticeable if you don’t put on too much. I find the more this color covers my lid, the more noticeable the glitters are. The second color is a deep gold color, in the picture it looks like the glitter pieces are black, but it was just because of the way the light was hitting it. In person, the glitters are chunky pieces of the same gold color. It looks like a glittery version of Smashbox’s eyeshadow in 24k. This color also had lots of fallout in it.


This last color is Beware, it’s a matte finish brown color which I really like. Its a light brown color which I don’t think I have an exact dupe of in my current collection and is my favorite from this palette. This is a great transitional color for any look you decide to create using browns. I find that since this color is matte and is fairly close to my actual skin color, it makes a great contouring shade.

Overall, I really like this palette. It was really well put together and I found the colors are very usable on a day to day basis. The downside of course is since this palette is made up of mostly browns I have a lot of the same colors in my current collection already. The other downside is, just like the Glinda palette or any of the build-your-own palettes the mirror thing bothers me sometimes. I definitely like the exterior of this palette and also the super saturated lip color more than the one that came in the Glinda palette. I also find that I use the black liner more on a day to day basis rather than the purple liner that comes in the Glinda palette. If you don’t have a lot to your collection,and had to pick between the two, you might find that this palette is more useful everyday compared to the Glinda one. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 3/5, the only reason it is lower is because I already have so many of the colors despite loving the extras in this palette more.

I hope this helps!

Thanks and Take care,


Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful Glinda Palette

Hey Beauties,

So a couple weeks ago I went out and decided to finally purchase the Glinda and Theodora palette’s from the brand Urban Decay. I have been eyeing these babies online and in store since they came out and I have been hmm-ing and ha-ing for so long my Fiance told me to just do it. You all should know that I am a huge fan of Urban Decay products and I love how they stick by their policies (absolutely no testing on animals). I own and use some of their palettes already and the naked palettes have been cycled into my everyday use for awhile now. I’m generally a fan of matte colors but like to mix it up once in awhile. Before I begin, I would like to first and foremost thank you guys for taking time out of your day to read this, I know that there are tons of beauty blogs out there and I am glad that you (whoever you are) have stumbled upon mine and stayed long enough to read this post. I would also like to apologize for the lack of quality in the pictures that I am posting. My current camera is MIA as my fiance borrowed it, I am taking all the pictures with my iphone. If you all want, I can re-take the photos with my camera once I get it back, but I was so excited to share this info that I couldn’t wait any longer. =P


The palette comes in a matching box and is the exact same size as their 6-color build your own palette’s. In fact, they are built exactly the same so if you ever use up all the shadows in the LE palette you can just replace them with their other shadows. They come with a super saturated high gloss lip color in Glinda, and a 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Rockstar.


The palette looks super pretty and whimsical with yellows, pinks, purples and twinkling stars. Out of the two I definitely think that the Theodora palette looks more interesting case-wise.


On the inside we are greeted with gorgeous incandescent colors. Top to bottom, left to right we have Tornado, Aura, Magic, Illusion, Oz, and South. One thing that some of you might find as a downside for the palette is that the top part of the palette that holds the mirror doesn’t stand up on its own, so in some cases you may have to one hand it.

IMG_4493 IMG_4494

I had seen some youtube gurus speak super highly of this product so I had such high hopes for it. I loved the texture of it but I found that the color was super unflattering on me. I can’t even dab it on my lips to try and make it look nice, and when I tried mixing it with other lip colors to try to find a happy medium I ended up just having to completely wipe it off and put something different on. I don’t know if it was just the natural color of my lips or what… But I was disappointed. Overall, I would try this product again since I liked the texture, but I definitely would have to go with a different color.


Magic – This is a pearlescent pink with gold sparkles in it. I absolutely love this color and don’t have a color like this in my current collection. It reminds me of a lighter pink version of Makeup Forevers Star powder in Pink Gold 916 and Annabelle’s cheaper dupe Golden Pink. This color can definitely be used on the cheeks as well on top of a matte blush to highlight. On the left I have it without a primer and on the right I have it with smashbox’s photo finish lid primer.

IMG_4498 IMG_4500

This is Aura – On the left I have the top half of it and on the right I have the bottom half of it. There is a minimal difference between the two but the main difference is the one on the left has a purplish undertone and the one on the right has a more peachy/pink undertone. With the two swipes again the swipe on the left is without primer and the right is with primer.


This is Tornado – It looks like the eyeshadow version of the eyeliner Rockstar that comes in the palette. Rockstar I believe is an eyeliner in the usual UD lineup so I didn’t swatch it, but its perfect to use to smoke out the eyeliner since it’s super close in color. Again, left swipe is without a primer and right swipe is with.


This is Illusion – This color is a perfect color to use as a highlighter on the browbone for a more dramatic effect or on the inner corner of your eyes. I really like this color but I felt like I had a lot of colors similar to this one. So to me this color really wasn’t all that special. The nice thing is that it came in this palette so if you were already using it, this gives you quick access rather than pulling out multiple items.

IMG_4513 IMG_4516

This is Oz – This has to be my favorite color from this palette. On the left we have the top half which is a white gold color with silver glitters in it, and on the right we have the bottom half which is a bright silver color with silver glitters in it. I find that without the primer both had a lot of fallout because of the chunky glitter pieces. If youre not a huge fan of fallout then I would steer clear of this color or be sure to tap off all excess before applying.


This is South – It’s a glittery taupe color. The glitter pieces in this is also chunky so again, if youre not a huge fan of fallout I would suggest to stay away. Otherwise I really like this color, I think this color would look perfect in the crease with the silver color in oz on the lid.

Overall, I was pleased with this palette. I felt that UD did a good job with the execution, the colors definitely remind me of someone angelic or innocent. I love the texture of their shadows and I always feel like they go on smooth and pigmented with or without primer. Of course, adding primer gives it that extra oomph of color and it’s more likely to last the entire day without smudging or wearing out. I love that they made the palette like the build your own palettes so you can reuse the custom casing… I don’t like that I would have to one hand it if I ever needed the mirror and I don’t particularly enjoy the fallout. The colors are beautiful and they definitely picked colors that you could build a look with just using the ones in it.

If I had to give it a rating it would score a 4/5.

If you all would like me to do a review like this for the Theodora palette please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to : )

Take care,


Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection


I’m a little behind on my cosmetics, but I recently stumbled upon a new Etude House cosmetic line called “Sweet recipe”. This line of cosmetics is themed towards sweets and baked goods. From the eyeliner to lipstick everything looks like and even smells like something delicious.

I ordered quite a few from their new line from the website I personally haven’t received any of the items yet but I do have high hopes for this company as their customer service reps are very friendly and they have included tracking on all of the items I have purchased so far. Once I got started ordering items my obsessive nature kicked in and I couldn’t stop! The items in this collection is the most adorable I have ever seen, and if you aren’t huge into makeup anyone that has a collector personality would want to purchase these items just for the novelty of it. Once I receive these items I will promptly follow up with swatches and in depth reviews of the items.

First I would like to show you all some pictures I have found online. All pictures I am posting in my blog I have found from the website. I am not affiliated with them and any items I have/will purchase will be/have been with my own money.


If you at all follow the etudeblog page on they have a short “drama” of sorts happening on there featuring the new collection. The drama is about a sweet shop that is hiring only one new employee and two girls apply for it. They then proceed into a sweets-making competition. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. It’s only a couple minutes long each skit and its absolutely adorable.


The first items that got me interested in purchasing items from this line were the nail polishes. They’re shaped like ice cream cones and come in cute pastel colors with glitters in them that represent sprinkles.


How can anyone resist when they have nail polishes like these? I have seen some swatches online and some bloggers were saying that they are very quick drying so fingers crossed. I really want to like all the items but in my experience I rarely go through a whole collection loving everything from it. I have a daughter who already likes looking at nail polish so I can only imagine how crazy she will go when she sees the sweet packaging. After some investigating this line is called Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice cream nails, and they come in Mint choco chip, Lemon sherbet, Apricot candy, and Strawberry stars candy. From looking at swatches online I have a feeling I will like Mint choco chip and strawberry stars candy the most.



I believe these are lipsticks and they are very visibly shaped like candy canes. These are called Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Sticks and they come in Strawberry Candy, Orange Candy and Lemon Candy. I have yet to find any real swatches of these online so I don’t know exactly how the pigmentation is but I am hoping it is pigmented because the jelly lipsticks are more sheer. I also found a video on youtube from etudeblog and they did a look using products from this line. It was the closest thing to a swatch I have seen and they seem more pigmented than they look in this photo.



These are called Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips – Talk. From what I have seen these look super sheer and glossy. They seem for the most part quite natural looking which I like and since its lighter in color quite possibly very buildable. I guess I will have to wait to see for myself. These lipsticks come in a pearlescent container and have a beaded ring around the base symbolizing which color is inside. From looking online I have not been able to find actual names for any of these colors. If anyone knows please let me know : )


This is called Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter and the colors in it left to right are called Milk 65%, Milk 98% and Milk 45%. Each color can be used individually or swirled all together to create a different finish. The first one has a yellow undertone, the second has a pink undertone and the last one seems to have a neutral undertone. I am very picky with my highlighters because my T-zone gets quite oily during the day which causes excess shininess, so since this comes in three shades I am hoping to like at least one of these colors.


This is called Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes and the colors (much like the highlighters) left to right are Cacao 45%, Cacao 65% and Cacao 98%. From what I got from online these are matte finish eyeshadows that can be used for eyebrows as well. I am excited to see what these look like since I use lots of neutrals on a day to day basis.



These are called Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Liner and the two colors are Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. These look to me like the little gourmet chocolates you can find at your local chocolate store. They’re either gel or cream eyeliners and the dark chocolate one is an almost black tone and the milk chocolate is a more light brown. This line also had an eyeliner brush which I did not purchase, and it was shaped like a pocky cookie with sprinkles on it.


These are the baked shadow duos and they’re called Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes and they come in (bottom to top) Berry Lemon Mousse, Mango Tango, Maple Syrup, Blueberry and Strawberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip. From what I can see it looks like they come in a tin container with no mirror or applicator. They are probably quite small in size.



These are called Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base, and they come in Mint Choux, Berry Choux and Peach Choux. From what I can tell they look like primers, I am hoping it works for me since I have lots of redness around my mouth and nose.


These are called Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color and it comes in (top to bottom) Blueberry Cheese Cake, Strawberry Chiffon Cake, Raspberry Mousse Cake, Orange Choux Cake, and Peach Sugar Cake. These can be used for the eyes cheeks or lips, these are cream based and I think that these would be most useful on the cheeks. I am most excited about the blueberry colored one since I don’t have a blush color like that one.


This is called Etude House Sweet Recipe Cookie Pact. It comes in Choco Chip and Almond chip. Unfortunately I don’t know which is which so I wouldn’t be able to tell you the differences. I wasn’t able to find this on the KollectionK website but I did manage to find a seller on Ebay who sold each at $15.

Aside from the products mentioned I think that the only other things in this collection were the sponges that looked like cake and cotton balls that looked like cotton candy. I didn’t find these products on any website that shipped internationally… So I didn’t see where you could purchase these but since I was already purchasing so much I felt like I couldn’t justify spending extra money for special sponges and cotton balls. I am super excited to receive my shipment and will update you all with swatches as soon as I get it. Talk to you all soon!

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To start things off…

The other day my friend asked me what I wanted to be when I get older. I told them that I wanted to be a makeup artist because when people feel beautiful the way they glow and how happy they seem make me happy. I absolutely adore makeup, all different types from Asian brands  to American brands. I test out a lot of different types of makeup and due to my obsessive nature I have accumulated quite a large collection of makeup. I wanted to start this blog to share my love with those who also have the same interest, and tell you my honest opinion on makeup products. All that aside, I was born in 1989 and have a daughter who is almost 4 years old who also likes to play with makeup. I enjoy art, drawing, and I currently work for a telecommunications company saving money to take a makeup artistry course. I hope you all enjoy : )


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